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June 2004 

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Dear Friend and Colleague,

Welcome to this edition of Water Cooler Wisdom, the newsletter designed to help you do it right at work.

This issue contains lots of useful information in the interview, articles, and suggestions. As you read on, be sure to ask yourself how you can improve your performance and your organization as a whole. Think about ways to positively affect the lives of your co-workers, customers, family and friends.

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Scott Delman
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Like It Or Not, YOU ARE IN SALES! Scott Delman


I’m going to get straight to the point. You are in sales. You may not realize it, but like it or not, you and I, and every employee in every organization is in sales.

If you agree and choose to read this article, you will easily appreciate its point of view. For those readers about to have an epiphany, congratulations! However, if the thought of you or your organization being involved in sales bothers you, then you are in denial and this article is for you. Like it or not, you sell.

Simply stated, selling means conveying. It is the transference of tangibles (products), services, influence and concepts. Who among us is exempt from conveying one of the above in our daily professional (and personal) activities? Obviously, no one...

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Cool Head Prevails - Roland Palmer Keeps It ALL Together ... the interview


He is a busy manager in a hectic workplace with looming deadlines, projects that change by the minute, scads of customer contacts, staff who rely on him for immediate logistic and creative decisions, and a day full of frenetic moments and unplanned twists. Yet he orchestrates it all, keeps it coordinated and moving along, like a maestro in perfect charge of his symphony of greats.

I’m talking about Roland Palmer, operations manager for Vermont Design Works, a full service graphic and web design marketing company – where things move (and change) at the speed of…commerce. They deal with dozens of projects with scores of variables each day. Everyone is busy doing seemingly separate work yet our hero, Roland, gracefully pulls it all together. Voila, one project is done and two more are started.

Read on to learn how Roland - cool, calm, and collected - keeps the information flowing, the people working, the clients delighted, and the creative juices surging!

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Manager's Corner


Last issue, I suggested that the managers of this world spend more time working alongside their producers. In other words, walk a mile in your staffs’ shoes and see what it is like (and feels like) to be doing their job. Both their appreciation and your knowledge gains will be worth the effort.

For this issue, I suggest that you ask the opinion of others. Then listen – actively. Stop by any staff member and ask how the workflow can be improved. Ask another if they think that your operation is running at capacity. Ask yet another how they might contain expenses if they were making the decisions. Ask still another what they think your customer’s would want to see you do differently. Be sure to listen, acknowledge, and appreciate their input. (Keep any contrary opinion or position to yourself at this point. You can put as much weight to their suggestion as you wish, later.) You will be pleasantly surprised by their reaction to you. If they are not especially responsive the first round or two, don’t worry, they will be. Both the teambuilding benefits and the information you glean will be invaluable.

This process is the beginning of what I call developing the “brain trust” of your organization. Involved employees will add to your strength and competitive position. To learn more about how I do this with clients, click the link below.

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Reward Your Staff


Thanks to Mark Blucher, the executive director of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission in Vermont, for the following suggestion.

The American Cancer Society sells daffodils every March.  They are a breath of Spring during what can often be a damp, cold month.  We make it a point to purchase at least one bunch for each staff member.  Not only does it bring some color to the office but it supports a worthy cause. 

What is your reward or recognition program you would like to share with our readers? Let us know by clicking on the link BELOW!

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Water Cooler Wisdom, the guidebook


Water Cooler Wisdom is a simple pocket guide — a pocket guide to more success at work — that every worker can easily read, understand, and use.

It describes the 50 most important business and organizational concepts for every organization doing business today. None of the concepts is in any way new or controversial; it’s all just good, straightforward business sense. And that’s this book’s strength: Water Cooler Wisdom gives every worker the nuts-and-bolts information they need to know and remember. And it motivates them to use it, every day.

The concepts in Water Cooler Wisdom are divided among seven categories (a handy arrangement for training sessions): Knowing Your Organization, Developing Sales, Customer Service That Works, Communicating Effectively, Becoming More Productive, Attitudes That Work, and Measuring And Analyzing Your Performance.

Each concept is covered entirely in one page. The page includes: •A clear definition of the concept — in real, everyday language. • Simple, step-by-step “What To Do” instructions. • A “Why To Do It” explanation of the reasons and motivations behind the concept. • And a brief “Reminder” that sums up the big idea. As a reinforcement, every concept is accompanied by a memorable proverb or saying — which gives your workers another way to understand the concept, and strengthen their connection to it.

And at the end of each section are workbook pages to help identify practical improvements for your organization that you can put to use — immediately.

In all, each concept in Water Cooler Wisdom takes less than 1 minute to read. And the whole book takes less than an hour, yet remains an invaluable resource to workers at every job level in your organization.  

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Below is an example of: Quick Tip # 19
Effective Communication

Effective Communication ...reaches your target


Effective Communication occurs when your message is received and understood. It has two parts: the content of the message, and the way your client feels about you and the way you deliver it.

what to do

Speak to all your clients in terms they understand; listen and respond sincerely. Ask questions, maintain eye contact, be patient and still. Speak their names, smile, be friendly and straightforward. If you have a genuine interest in your clients, you will become the reason they want to do business with your company.

why to do it

Effective communication gets your message across clearly and paves the way for successful business transactions and relationships. It makes clients feel comfortable, and is vital for client retention. Ineffective communication limits transactions and relationships to less than their full potential value.


Effective communication delivers the message to your client; ineffective communication delivers your client to your competitor.

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Your 'not so candid' comments to co-workers, bosses, and customers!


"I know that his voice-mail box is full. He really does return calls; he just doesn’t know how to delete his messages."

"just because you're the boss' girlfriend doesn't mean that you don't have to follow the same rules as I do!"

"why is it that the people who do the least work make the most money?"

"just because you have talent doesn't give you the right to be an arrogant ass."

"you need to realize that we all have work to do around here. Yours is not always the most important."

"please look at my face when we are having a conversation; not what's located on my chest below!"

"your communication skills are horrible, and you need to stop playing favorites."

Brighten up even the gloomiest day by contributing a few “pearls” of your own so we can all have a good laugh (or cry?).

 Getting it off your chest will make you feel great. 

To contribute an “Hmmm...If I could only say it” by email...


...and share those remarks you have been keeping to yourself.

You’ll feel soooo much better!

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Take a minute and check out Vermont Design Works. This is the web marketing company that Roland Palmer directs. They do my Water Cooler Wisdom website and are pros at bringing your product to market.

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