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After writing my first book

…I have been developing a way to reach more companies and organizations with my "Unleashing The Possible" training program and have finally succeeded. I completely revised "How To Mean Business" by modernizing the language, re-sectioning the Quick-Tips and adding seven workbooks. The result… "Water Cooler Wisdom."

WCW can do for you what I have been doing for my clients for years

Unlock the "brain trust" of your organization by putting valuable information in management's hands and valuable knowledge in your workers hands. The results are staggering. Pockets of cooperation, enthusiasm, and productivity develop. It becomes contagious. People have more fun. Problems vaporize and are replaced with progress. You turn your organizational "sails" into the wind and head on a more desirable course.

Now you have two good choices

Engage me to work with you in person to "Unleash The Possible," or, place "Water Cooler Wisdom" in the hands of your workforce. Either one will help you get more of what you need. Results!

Motivation is not cheerleading

It comes from people being busy and successful, and being recognized for it. "Unleashing The Possible," 720-degree feedback, and "Water Cooler Wisdom" can help you turn your organization ON!

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